Hazard trends homework

1.  Why should we question the data about natural hazards and disasters?

2.  Outline the trends in global disasters – geophysical, hydro meteorological and biological.

2. Suggest why the number of disasters has increased but the number of deaths has fallen.

3. Why have a) the costs of disasters and b) the numbers of people affected risen sharply?

4.Suggest why Asia has the greatest number of deaths from natural disasters.

5. P 27 Philip Allan Table 2.3.  Plot a scattergraph and describe and explain the pattern found.

6. Extra reading





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4 responses to “Hazard trends homework

  1. Hello, i have a glitch in the hw to report.. there is no fig 2.3 on pg 27! im lost

  2. Ms. Waaaaaalters!
    Question number 5 isn’t making sense to me! There is no table 2.3 or question and i just gave up on it.
    I beg for forgiveness ❤

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