El Nino and La Nina essay

For Thursday 27th September…..lots of detail please 🙂


How do El Nino and La Nina affect weather patterns? (10 marks)



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5 responses to “El Nino and La Nina essay

  1. Maximilian Wallisch

    with ‘…lots of detail’ you also mean some actual examples of what effects el nino / la nina had on the people the last time it happened? or just the theory of what generally happens?

    • The effects on
      a)Indonesia and Australia
      b)Ecuador and Peru
      c)other places in the world
      should all be covered, as in the 3rd hazards powerpoint and El Nino/La Nina Geofile photocopy. So plenty of detail Max!!

  2. Maximilian Wallisch

    alright then, thank you!

  3. DONE AND DUSTED! (with loads of detail this time)

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