Coastalisation in Bournemouth Homework

1.ESSAY.  What are the main physical and human attractions that make Bournemouth a crowded coast? (10 marks)

*Do not forget to include info about the economic and retirement booms*

2.  Are those stronger or weaker than they were in the past?  Justify your answer.

3.  Where has Bournemouth developed in:

•19th Century
•Early 20th Century
•Later in the 20th Century

Draw a labelled sketch map to show this and shade in the different periods in different colours

4.Compare it with the idealised model and identify the similarities and differences
5.What has Bournemouth done to prepare for its future?
As always…..detail expected.  Due in Tuesday 9th October.


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2 responses to “Coastalisation in Bournemouth Homework

  1. ms, what do you mean by in the fourth question, ‘compare it with the idealised model’?

    • How does the development of Bournemouth seem a)the same as the generalised model (diagram) we looked at (which could apply to any resort) and b)different to the generalised model?
      eg similarity – pier in the centre
      eg difference – some old hotels in Bournemouth have been converted to flats and student apartments
      Hope that helps George…

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