Christmas Holiday work 2012

1.  Essay on climate change mitigation that we have planned in class together…….”Mitigation is the only way to manage climate change”. Discuss (15 marks)

Massive detail expected!  Impress me at the start of next term.

2.  Review questions from Pearson text book:




3.  Read the rest of the thick photcopied sheet about climate change (and high light it)…so now it should have been read in its entirety.

And study these two sets of notes about global warming from the Chief Examiner of Edexcel:

Edexcel climate change update powerpoint

Chief examiner notes on climate change

4.  Produce many A3 revision sheets on the World at Risk and Crowded Coasts topics (to take the pressure of you next term!):

Suggested topics:

World at risk

a Hazards

b Phillipines

c California

d Global warming facts (including effects in places other than Africa and the Arctic)

e Global warming in Arctic

f Global warming in Africa

g Mitigation and adaptation


Examples dones by another Sixth form pupil: Crowded Coasts A3

a Competition for caosts – including Bournemouth

b Coping with pressure – including Dibden bay/Southampton Water

c Increasing risks – flooding (1953 surge, Thames gateway) and erosion (Holderness)

d Management

The more of these you do the more ready you are for your mock exams next term……… pain no gain!!!! 🙂


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