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All the case studies now done!

I have added the Unit 2 case study summaries to the Easter revision post below.  Hope it helps!  Keep up the hard work 🙂  PS Was in Bournemouth yesterday and thought of you all………..


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Wishing you all a pleasant and hard working Easter break!  I am going to upload all the past paper essay questions for each topic here as well as summary bullet point notes for our case studies.  This truly is spoon feeding (which I do not really approve of!?!?)….but hey let’s hope it put’s the icing on the cake for the Summer exam!

CASE STUDY SUMMARIES FOR UNIT 1 AS GEOGRAPHY (I hope I haven’t missed any :))


All Unit 1 Hazards and Climate Change Past Questions (essays)

All Unit 1 Going Global Past Questions – Globalisation and Migration (essays)

All Unit 2 Coasts Past Questions (essays)

All Unit 2 Unequal Spaces Past Questions (essays)


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Fieldwork for Unit 2 exam?

This last week in school I want you to concentrate on producing your own revision summary notes on our fieldwork:

Both methods and results/conclusions for:


Changes over time in landuse on a crowded coast in Zakynthos town

Coastal erosion risks in Argassi (we did not do flooding as we just have to do either flooding or erosion)

Coastal management/protection in Varkiza

Pressure on the environment in the Marine Park and Sand dunes

Unequal spaces
Inequality in urban areas
Schemes to reduce inequalities in urban areas
Inequality in rural areas
Schemes to reduce in equalities in rural areas

These are all of them!!!

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30 Migrant workers shot in Greece today as they demanded their wages!! Inequality close to home!!!

Look at this article about inequality in Greece and how some migrant workers are treated….

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Controversial BBC Panorama: Inside North Korea

This was broadcast yesterday night in the UK  – the BBC had secretly filmed inside N Korea with British University students.

Really interesting to see about life inside this ‘switched off’ nation….

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Fingers crossed for the mocks!


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April 11, 2013 · 7:15 pm

You asked about feedback in the Arctic!

Here are some of the feedback mechanisms (both positive + and negative -) that play a part in determining the extent of the ice:

Temperature – as temperature rises so does surface radiation from the atmosphere into space.

Water vapour increase – a rise in temperature means that more water vapour is held in the atmosphere and this can act like a blanket causing further temperature increase and a greenhouse effect

Melting snow and ice – as ice and snow melts the surface becomes darker and absorbs more heat and melting takes place more quickly. It becomes more difficult for ice to form and snow to lie on the ground. The amount of radiation reflected is called the albedo of a surface, light colours reflect heat darker colours absorb it

Cloud cover – more water vapour leads to more clouds and so heat is trapped

Cloud cover – clouds have a light colour surface so more heat from the sun is reflected back to space

Carbon dioxide biofeedback – increased carbon dioxide increases growth of plants which fix carbon and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide

Iceberg formation (this had better be over the sea!) as temperature rises ice sheets break up creating large number of icebergs which increase reflection

Iceberg formation – if all the icesheets and icebergs melt then the surface is darker and will absorb more heat.

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