What should I be revising for Unit 1?

Here are the aspects of the syllabus you should be revising now for the Mocks and the Summer exams.  Use them as a check list and highlight when you have revised it so you can see how you are progressing.  (It will help you feel good!)

UNIT 1 Hazards and climate change revision

UNIT1 Globalisation and Migration revision

Case studies – absolute minimum for the mock Unit 1 paper (as ideally all examples we have done!)

Philippines  – multiple hazards

California – multiple hazards

Arctic – global warming effects

Africa – global warming effects

NAFTA trade bloc

McDonalds TNC

A8/Polish migrants to UK

UK migration to Spain

Migration pattern into UK since colonial times

Then to get you writing notes…print off these revision sheets and produce some lovely revision cards for yourself to see how you are doing:

AS Unit 1 Going global revision cards

Hope this makes you work really hard on the revision 🙂


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