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U6th HW for next Tuesday 1/10/13

Please spend the lesson time on Friday and some time at home before Tuesday to do the essays that we have discussed together in class:

1a)  Using the figure, explain why oil exploration in the areas shown could lead to high economic and environmental costs (10)

b)  Assess the relative importance of named players in the global SUPPLY of energy (15)

2a)  Using the figure, suggest reasons for the changes to global electricity generation between 1973-2006 (10)

b)  Using named examples, assess the extent to which energy insecurity might lead to conflicts within and between countries (15)

(In an exam you would have 80 minutes to complete all of these questions above)



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Just for fun…’Around the world in 10 disgusting dishes’!

A really fun former pupil of mine (from my old school in the UK) is doing an MA in journalism and is contributing to a blog.  Have a look at his lastest post about very strange foods around the world!


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U6th – Nuclear power

The motion for our debate on THURSDAY…..’Nuclear power will provide energy security for developed nations in the future’.

General information –

Nuclear energy mapped by BBC

Discovery channel 10 pros and cons of nuclear

Are the costs of nuclear energy greater than the benefits? clip (UP TO DATE)

Pro nuclear energy –

The benefits of nuclear power

Advantages of nuclear power 

UK nuclear power past and present

Nuclear in UK

Hinckley Point C reactor in UK

Nuclear plants “do not increase child cancer risk” BBC

Anti nuclear energy –

The disadvantages of nuclear power

Health concerns over nuclear

The battle of Chernobyl, Ukraine (documentary)


Greenpeace video on Chernobyl

Three Mile Island accident USA

Seconds from disaster – Fukushima(documentary)

Geofile Japan

Japan halts nuclear (BBC) recent

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U6th – National Geographic – World without oil

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U6th – If the oil runs out…..

A fictional scenario for 2016….with real interviews! Easy viewing….

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U6th – BBC report that nuclear plants ‘do not raise the child cancer risk’

Children living near nuclear power plants do not have an increased risk of developing leukaemia, a study says.

Experts looked at data on 10,000 children diagnosed under five between 1962 and 2007, and where they lived.

The British Journal of Cancer study is not the first to rule out a link – but previous studies’ methods were challenged.

Cancer Research UK said the results were “heartening” but added monitoring should continue.

See more here:



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L6 and U6 – New tidal power project to go ahead in Scotland

Work is to begin on the largest tidal turbine energy project in Europe after the Scottish government approved it.

MeyGen is to install the tidal array in stages in the Pentland Firth, between Orkney and the Scottish mainland.

It will begin with a 9MW demonstration project of up to six turbines, with construction expected to take place on a phased basis until 2020.

When fully operational, the 86MW array could generate enough electricity to power the equivalent of 42,000 homes.

That is the equivalent of 40% of homes in the Highlands, the Scottish government said.

Find out more here:


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