U6th HW for next Tuesday 1/10/13

Please spend the lesson time on Friday and some time at home before Tuesday to do the essays that we have discussed together in class:

1a)  Using the figure, explain why oil exploration in the areas shown could lead to high economic and environmental costs (10)

b)  Assess the relative importance of named players in the global SUPPLY of energy (15)

2a)  Using the figure, suggest reasons for the changes to global electricity generation between 1973-2006 (10)

b)  Using named examples, assess the extent to which energy insecurity might lead to conflicts within and between countries (15)

(In an exam you would have 80 minutes to complete all of these questions above)



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2 responses to “U6th HW for next Tuesday 1/10/13

  1. George

    so much fun! -_-

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