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L6 – Mid term holiday work

Answer the two following essays:

1. Explain how do El Nino and La Nina affect weather patterns? (10 marks)

2, Describe and explain where in the world volcanoes and earthquakes occur (15 marks)

To be handed in the first lesson after mid term break


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L6 – Is our weather getting worse?

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U6th- Mid term break work

1.  Using named examples, assess the potential for water supply to become a source of conflict (15)

2.  Using named examples, assess the impact of trans-boundary water sources on people and the environment (15)

3. Evaluate the view that reducing water demand is better than trying to increase water supply? (15)

Intro – why water problem

2. Main

a. Increase supply good
b. Increase supply bad
c. Reduce water demand good
d. Reduce water demand bad

3. Conclusion – look to the future, consider sustainability

1. Dams – 3 gorges, Aswan
2. Water transfers – China, Spain Lesotho
3. Restoration – Aral sea,
4. WaterAid v Privatisation
5. Desalination
6. Virtual water
7. Conservation examples

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L6th Work due next Tuesday

1.  Watch the Wave that shook the world and write notes.

2.  Fill in the table of the coastal defences  – how they work, their strengths and weaknesses (from Crowded Coast powerpoint 10 on the blog)


Using examples, explain why managing coastal environment increasing relies on a spectrum of approaches from do nothing to hard engineering (10 marks) DETAIL EXPECTED PLEASE!

You should be working on this in the double lesson on Friday when I will be on IA!

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