U6 – Biodiversity management debate on Tuesday

On Tuesday we will be having a debate entitled – ‘The ‘hotspot’ approach is the solution to conserve the biodiversity on earth’

Proposition- Define hotspot, marine, land – examples from your notes, why conserve these areas with the greatest biodiversity on earth, why is this approach better than all others?

hotspot casestudy info



Opposition-  Problems of ‘hotspot approach’, benefit of looking at other forms of conservation like sustainable yields, biosphere reserves, conservation through gene/seed banks, zoos, breeding programs, WWF’s broader approach etc


http://www.unesco.org/new/en/natural-sciences/environment/ecological-sciences/biosphere-reserves/ – biosphere reserves

http://www.countrysideinfo.co.uk/biodvy2.htm – zoos, seeds, aquaria

Both groups will find these useful:






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