L6 Notes on Globalisation for Friday

Pearson Pg 91-93

Explain how the world has been shrinking due to technology like:

Telegraph communications

Internet communications

Air Travel

GIS/GPS (from pg 113 in Philip Allan)

Philip Allan p110-119

Define – core, switched on places, wilderness, shrinking world, cluster, cumulative causation, export processing zone, global hub, multiplier effect, technopole, trickle-down, switched off places

Using Figure 10.5 pg 116 write a paragraph to explain how natural resources and human resources help global hubs to develop.

Using Figure 10.6 pg 116 write a paragraph to explain cumulative causation

Pg 115 Produce a bullet point factfile on Easyjet

Pg 119 Using  Figure 10.7 explain the human and physical reasons why some regions are switched off (a long paragraph)

The documentary I was telling you about:


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