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Good news: the number of people living beyond 100 is rising

L6 this will be useful for you 🙂

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The number of people living to 100 in the UK has increased by 71 per cent in the last ten years, and has shot up more than five-fold since the Eighties.

There are now more than half a million people aged 90 and above living in this country, with nearly 14,000 of them aged more than 100, compared to just 2,500 in 1980.

There are also 710 people who have lived beyond their 105th birthday, up from 340 ten years ago.

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Who are the richest people of the European countries?

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U6 Nuclear Debate – Tuesday 30 September

The motion for our debate on Tuesday…..’Nuclear power will provide energy security for developed nations in the future’.

General information –

Nuclear energy mapped by BBC

Discovery channel 10 pros and cons of nuclear

A TED nuclear debate video – essential viewing!!

Pro nuclear energy – Alex and Jason

Advantages of nuclear power 

UK nuclear power past and present

Nuclear in UK

Hinckley Point C reactor in UK

Nuclear plants “do not increase child cancer risk” BBC

Anti nuclear energy – Areti

The disadvantages of nuclear power

Health concerns over nuclear

The battle of Chernobyl, Ukraine (documentary)


Greenpeace video on Chernobyl

Three Mile Island accident USA

Seconds from disaster – Fukushima(documentary)

Geofile Japan

Japan halts nuclear (BBC) recent

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L6 – Reading before Zakynthos trip on Friday

Please find the time to read these articles before we head off to Zakynthos later in the week:

Medasset Turtle Conservation 2009

Archelon Turtle Conservation 2011

Tourists and turtles in Zakynthos

LIFE_ENV Turtle report

Sea turtle nesting and tourists in Zakynthos

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U6 – Ukraine crisis – Russia halts gas supplies to Ukraine

16 June 2014

Ukraine says Russia has cut off all gas supplies, in a major escalation of a dispute between the two nations.

“Gas supplies to Ukraine have been reduced to zero,” Ukrainian Energy Minister Yuri Prodan said.

Russia’s state-owned gas giant Gazprom said Ukraine had to pay upfront for its gas supplies, after Kiev failed to settle its huge debt.

Gazprom had asked Ukraine’s state gas firm Naftogaz to pay $1.95bn (£1.15bn) of the $4.5bn it said it was owed.

It said it would continue to supply gas to Europe, although Gazprom chief Alexei Miller warned there now were “significant” risks for gas transit to the EU via Ukraine.

Ukraine has enough reserves to last until December, according to Naftogaz.

Later, the White House urged Moscow to resume talks with Ukraine, saying an EU proposal that Kiev pay $1bn on Monday and the rest in instalments was a “reasonable compromise”.

Read more and watch the video here:

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How Africa’s first education tablet computer was created

The idea is simple; transfer a country’s entire education curriculum onto a digital format, along with sounds, animations and interactivity, and you no longer need a satchel crammed with school books.

This month his Qelasy tablet is going into schools for the first time. “This is a day I’ve been waiting for,” Mr N’Doufou, the Ivory coast inventor says.

The Ivorian government will be introducing the tablets to 5,000 students in public schools, while some private schools in both Ivory Coast and Morocco will be running pilot projects.

They have also had interest from Ukraine, Macedonia, Senegal, Nigeria and France. “My dream is to reach all the schools in the world for a better education,” he says.

Look at the video here:

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Lower Sixth – Welcome to your first lesson of AS Geography!

Welcome to Sixth form Geography……and what a great choice you have made!

The two course text books this year are (and if you click on the picture you get the Amazon link!):



Please order them ASAP!

Here are some links that will be useful throughout the next year:

Geography Edexcel Specification

Edexcel GCE UNIT 2-Student guide

Philip Allan Edexcel Student Qs and As


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