L6 Coasts Test on Friday 10/10

On Friday you will have a coasts test.  You will have 2 questions to do in 30 minutes.

The first will be an A style question where you have to look at a photo, table etc and comment on it(10 marks).

The second will be this question:

Explain how coastal flooding presents environment, social and economic risks for the UK (10 marks)  You must refer to case studies (like the 1953 storm surge, The Thames barrier and the Thames Estuary) and you should also include information about future sea level rising.

Good luck!



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2 responses to “L6 Coasts Test on Friday 10/10

  1. George

    Dont forget to link back to the question after each paragraph guys!

    • Oh George……they have been told already but it is sooooooooooo great to have it said by a super former pupil who has ‘been there, done that and got the t-shirt’!! Saw your Dad at the Autumn festival and had a good chat with him. Take care:)

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