U6 – We can’t all be pandas! Meet the world’s ugliest endangered animals… and the campaign to save them from extinction

With their flabby frowns, gurning grins and bloated, gassy stomachs, they’re hardly going to win a pin-up competition. 

But these disgusting creatures have become the surprise stars of a glossy new book in a bid to save them from extinction.

Unlike their cute and fluffy cousins in the animal kingdom, the plight of these rancid animals is relatively unknown. The Ugly Animal Preservation Society was set up to champion the cause of endangered creatures with no friends.

It is backed by a number of celebrity scientists, presenters and comedians, and organises road shows and school visits. Particle physicist and broadcaster Professor Brian Cox said: ‘I support the ugly animal campaign. There are too many people trying to save cute animals. They get all the press, and all the attention. Ugly animals are more deserving than cute animals.’

Simon Watt, the society’s president, said: ‘We’ve needed an ugly face for endangered animals for a long time and I’ve been amazed by the public’s reaction. For too long the cute and fluffy animals have taken the limelight, but now the blobfish will be a voice for the mingers who always get forgotten.’ 

The Ugly Animals: We Can’t All be Pandas by Simon Watt £9.99, published by The History Press.

Click the photo to see more photos of ugly endangered animals!



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