U6th- Work for the 4 day election weekend

1.  Answer the following ESSAY:

Using examples, examine the extent to which neo-colonial mechanisms of control are used by superpowers’  (15)

  • Power can be maintained directly or indirectly; colonial direct rule and its legacy versus neo-colonial models of indirect influence; for instance trade, aid and debt. However can also be through other methods eg cultural imperialism, military etc
  • Superpowers play a key role in international decision-making, policy and action through direct and indirect processes (the UN, G8, NATO, the EU, the Davos group, World Bank, IMF).
  • Control of trade, in terms of generating wealth, power and maintaining global influence is important. WTO, tariffs, subsidies, quotas etc
  • Case study – Trade, debt and aid in Ghana (linked to World Bank)
  • Case study – China in Africa
  • Superpower influence extends to the idea of a developing ‘global culture’ of ideas and norms – for instance ideas of Americanisation and ‘McDonaldisation’ eg TNCS, media, news, films, foods etc – which has led to a backlash among some groups.
  • Case study McDonalds and News Corporation (media) etc

2. THEN do your Unit 4 research on Tectonic hazards (a significant amount of work) to be checked next week.



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