U6 Energy presentations – Thursday 15th September

Group 1 . China and the BRICs
Group 2. Saudi Arabia and the Middle East
Group 3. Russia
4. MS Walters. LEDCs in Africa

Each group presentation about the energy issues in your area of the world should last approximately 10 minutes. You may use visual aids like a powerpoint, video clips etc. YOU MUST PRODUCE 1-2 SIDES OF A4 PAPER OF BULLET POINT NOTES TO GIVE CLASS MEMBERS TO ACCOMPANY YOUR PRESENTATION.

You should try to use up to date sources of information – put sources in brackets

The topics that should be covered are:
a) How is the situation with domestic reserves and production?
b) What are the energy consumption patterns in that part of the world?
c) How secure/insecure is this area/place in terms of energy? How is it looking for the future?
d) Who are the major players in energy in this part of the world?
e) Have there been any particularly well documented examples of energy issues there in the past?
f) Anything else you think is interesting about energy in this area of the world

Some useful info:

China and the BRICs

Oxford pg 17-21 and 23



Saudi Arabia and the Middle East

Oxford pg 32-33





Oxford pg 22-29





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