Edexcel A Level Unit 3 – Contested planet

Edexcel syllabus

1. A2-Geography- Study advice to students

Exam board ppts-

Topic 1 – Energy Unit 3 Contested Planet Energy

Topic 2 – Water  Unit 3 Contested Planet Water Conflicts

Topic 3 – Biodiversity  Unit 3 Contested Planet Biodiversity under Threat

Topic 4 – Development gap  Unit 3 Contested Planet Bridging the Development Gap

Topic 5 – Superpowers  Unit 3 Contested Planet Superpower Geographies

Topic 6 – Technological FIx Unit 3 Contested Planet Technological Fix

Useful links for further reading/watching:


1.1  Energy supply, demand and security

Powerpoints from class:

a LESSON 1 Distribution of energy resources

LESSON 2 Energy security in the UK

LESSON 3 India AND China


1 Energy Resources GEOFILE

1 Energy use in LEDCs GEOFILE

1 Environmental implications of renewables GEOFILE

1 Trade in oil GEOFILE

1.BP 2013 ENERGY

Greece energy factsheet

Energy security and risk (online lesson)

OPEC Oil Embargo 1973 (clip)

Why do oil prices keep rising? Excellent

Why are oil prices high? 

Geofile Energy Supply

1.2  Impacts of energy insecurity

Powerpoints from class:

LESSON 4 Energy Pathways

b LESSON 5 Geopolitical Energy Hotspots

c LESSON 6 Alaska

d LESSON 8 Oil companies


2. Oil companies table

2. Britain in 2020

2.Energy Insecurity in the news

Energy Security and Environmental Impacts (online lesson)

Energy insecurity and TNCs (online lesson)

Geofile Nuclear in Japan 2011

1.3  Energy security and the future

Powerpoints from class:

a LESSON 9 Uncertainties

b LESSON 10 Energy Options


The future of energy – Cambridge University (short documentary)

Powering The Future part 1: The Energy Revolution (documentary)

Powering The Future part 2: The Energy Planet(documentary)

Powering The Future part 3: Striking a Balance(documentary)

Powering The Future part 4: Leading the Change(documentary)

BBC Future Energy (documentary)

Energy security and the future (online lesson)

BBC Farming seaweed for biofuel

BBC Future fuels



2.1 The geography of water supply

Powerpoints from class:

a Lesson 1 water

b Lesson 2 Humans and balance

c lesson 3 water


1. uk water demand

1. drainage basin recap

1. water balance


Global water shortage BBC (clip)

Why care about water?  (clip)

FLOW – For Love Of Water (documentary)

WWF Rich countries poor water (excellent)

State of Thirst: California’s Water Future (short documentary)

Geofile Colorado river

Colorado river (clip)

Colorado water supply (clip)

Salton Sea (clip)

Salton Sea, a desert saga (clip)

Saving the Salton Sea (documentary)

Geofactsheet Water in US SW

National Geographic – water wars between Texas and Mexico

Citarum River in Java pollution (clip)

Indonesia’s water woes (documentary)

Water foot print calculator

Britain and water foot print

2.2  The risks of water insecurity

Powerpoints from class:

a lesson 4 Aral Sea

b lesson 5 middle east conflict

c lesson 6 nile etc

d Lesson 7 interbasin transfers


2.The pollution of rivers and lakes GEOFILE

Aral sea (short documentary)

The story of the Aral Sea (clip)

5. Middle East Case Study of Water Conflicts

5. The middle east water conflicts

6.  Conflicts along the Nile (excellent)

7. A multi billion Euro scheme designed to divert water from Spain

7.Case study 1 Tagus-Segura,Spain

7.Case study 2 Lesotho

7.lesotho water project

7.WWF water transfers pipedreams

NATO Review – Water or WARter? (clip)

Israel, Jordan, West Bank: Water in a Thirsty Land  (clip)


Israel’s water crisis (clip)

21st Century water wars (clip)

BBC India’s water crisis (documentary)

Geofile Water conflicts in Gaza

Dams in India and China The Guardian

UN International water peace (clip)

2.3 Water conflicts and the future

Powerpoints from class:

a Lesson 8 future water

b lesson 9 aid privatisation



8.Water Conservation notesheet

9.Forms of Privatization


9.Privatization of Water in Bolivia

9.Privatization of Water


UN agicultural water management (clip)

European Energy Agency Water in the sky



3.1 Defining biodiversity

Powerpoints from class:

a LESSON 1 Defining biodiversity

bLESSON2 Nature and value of biodiversity

cLESSON3 Distribution and hotspots


The Bio Da Versity Code (clip)

1. biodiversity glossary


3.Global distribution of biodiversity hotspots

3.hotspot casestudies

3. hotspot casestudy info

3.2 Biodiversity threats

Powerpoints from class:

a LESSON4 Threats and Daintree, Australia

b LESSON5 Disruptions and Cane toads

c LESSON6 Mangroves


Geofile Threats to bidoversity

Geofile Biodiversity under threat in East Anglia

5. cane toad casestudy

5. Cane toad questions

5.Examples of Invasive Species

Cane toads: an unnatural history (also watch parts 2-5 of the documentary!)

State of the planet (David Attenborough) ep1 part 1 (also watch parts 2-6 of the documentary!)

State of the planet (David Attenborough) ep2 part 1 (also watch parts 2-6 of the documentary!)

State of the planet (David Attenborough) ep3 part 1 (also watch parts 2-5 of the documentary!)

3.3 Managing biodiversity

Powerpoints from class:

Lesson 7  Players and management and future


7.Conserving Southern Ocean ecosystems

100 most critically endangered species


4.1  Superpower geographies

Powerpoints from class:

a Lesson 1 Defining Superpowers

b Lesson 2 How do superpowers exert their influence

c Lesson 3 What is colonial rule

d Lesson 4 What geographical shifts of power have occured

e Lesson 5 Theories of Superpowers


2. Geofile Superpowers


History of the British Empire(clip)

Superpower  wiki (clip)

Current TV Superpower Politics (short documentary)

Current TV Superpower Money (short documentary)

Current TV Superpower Firepower (short documentary)

Current TV Superpower Culture  (short documentary)

4.2 The role of superpowers

Powerpoints from class:

a lesson 6 neocolonialism

b lesson 7 IGOS

c lrsson 8 The Nature and control of trade

d lesson 9 cultural_globalisation


What is neocolonialism?  (clip)

6. The Akosombo Dam Ghana

6.Debt and Development in Ghana

6.Ghana trade

6.Proud Ghana still depends on aid

7.Debt, the Philippines & the World Bank


4.3  Superpower futures

Powerpoints from class:

a lesson 10 shifting powers

b lesson 11 implications of emerging powers and the rest of the world

c lesson 12 tensions

d Lesson 13 EU superpower




The BRICs Dream (clip)

On the Rise: BRIC ready to recast world order  (clip)

Economist – Asia’s growing economic power(clip)

China’s territorial claims (clip)

Is China the next superpower?  (clip)

Chinese Days – Angola (clip)

Shashi Tharoor: Why nations should pursue “soft” power (documentary on India)

Beyond the BRICS (clip)

Europe Superpower (clip)



5.1 The causes of the ‘development gap’

Powerpoints from class:

lesson1 The causes of the ‘development gap’

b Lesson 2. Key Players in the Development Gap

Lesson 3 Millennium Development Goals.ppt

d lesson 4 Is the development gap widening or becoming narrower?


1.0 Geofile measuring development

1.0 Geofile Development

1. Geofile Development gap

1. Geofile Development Indicators

Miss Walters’ essay on the World Trade Organisation good and bad aspects of the organisation

Criticisms of the World Bank

4. 3rd world debt

Developing countries debt

Diamonds & Development in Botswana

5.2  The consequences of the ‘development gap’

Powerpoints from class:

lesson 5 Consequences of development gap


WTO & Africa

5.3  Reducing the ‘development gap’

Powerpoints from class:

a Lesson 6.Reducing development gap


Aid and Development notetaking sheet

ActionAid Kenya A Case Study of an NGO

Windward Islands Farmers and bananas

6. Geofile Freetrade v Fair trade

Sustainable Development in South Africa



6.1  The geography of technology

Powerpoints from class:

a  Lesson1.technology and how it has developed

lesson2.distribution of technology



2. DistributionofTechnology

6.2  Technology and development

Powerpoints from class:

lesson3.technology in combatting aids

lesson4.reasons for variations in technological access

lesson5.technological leapfrogging

Lesson6.unforeseen consequences of technological innovation

Lesson7 issues of externalities





6.3  Technology, environment and the future

Powerpoints from class:

Lesson8 different approaches to technology

bLesson9 role of technology in global issues

cLesson10 technology and a sustainable future





Unit 3 contested planet tech Fix short





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    • Joseph, Glad you are liking the blog. It is a site that has been designed for my A level pupils in an international school in Greece – but of course I am very happy that other people who love Geography are finding it useful too. Good luck with the A Levels!

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    My Geo teacher copies all of his powerpoints from the course book, glad that not all A-Level teachers are not this lazy and some do actually bother to teach content that is relevant!

  7. This site is brilliant! I used it for revising for the AS last year and had forgotten about it till revising for my A-level mocks. It’s great! Thanks 🙂

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    Thanks in advance

  10. hello! do you have any tips/notes/example essays on potential questions for the prerelease. im aiming for an a*
    im going to answer tech fix, develop gap and i’ve planned my unit 4 essay structure. im sort of dreding/avoiding biodiversity.
    i have full marks in unit 1 and an a in unit 2. i really dont want to let myself down in A2 after so much hard work in As.
    if you could help, please email me!!! 😀
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    Any useful information about synoptic because struggling, plus the unit 4 tectonics essay is so hard, any ideas which case studies people are using. looking to do dev gap and either biodiversity or water conflicts, any help much appreciated

    • My pupils will be using a variety of the classic examples for tectonic eg deccan plateau, arran in scotland etc Many arementioned in short in text books like Nagle (2000) and need greater research. Look at the video I have just posted by the USGS…..

  16. Ken


    This site has lots of good information on the superpowers

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