Edexcel A Level Unit 4 – Geographical Research

Edexcel syllabus

Unit 4 General Student Guide from Edexcel – this ppt is very clear

Unit 4 Frequently Asked Questions from Edexcel


Student UNIT 4 exam  – excellent guide from examiner on how to handle this exam


  1. Tectonic Activity and Hazards

A level extended writing tips for tectonics – ppt from Geographical Association

Useful books for research:

• Philip Allan Textbook – Chapter 8 and 9
• A2 Geography for Edexcel – Oxford – Chapter 7

These are also available in my room (and they must be used):

•Edexcel A2 Geography – Pearson – Chapters 19-22

•Student Unit 4 Guide – Chapters on Tectonic Activity

• Natural Hazards – Causes, Consequences and Management – Frampton, Chaffey, Hardwick and McNaught

• Natural Hazards and Disasters – David Holmes and Sue Warn – Philip Allan Updates

Useful Geofiles for research:

Earthquakes – why do some places suffer more than others?

Japan 2011 – Earthquake and tsunami

Volcanic activity – causes and consequences

Hotspot theory

Why are some volcanoes more hazardous than others?

Mt Etna


Update on recent volcanoes and earthquakes

Hazards in the Philippines

Geological slant on plates (excellent)

Constructive plate margins

Two plate boundaries – Himalayas and Pacific USA

Useful websites for research:

Fundamental of Physical Geography (2nd Edition) – Chapter 10 Introduction to the Lithosphere (really good)

US Geological Survey – The Dynamic Earth – the story of platetectonics…click the links on the page

US Geological Survey – platetectonics in a nutshell

US Geological Survey – Frequently asked questions about volcanoes

Volcano Research Centre -Uni of Tokyo –   Japan volcanoes

Library think quest volcanoes

Links to volcano websites

BBC – 4 ways to be killed by a volcano

FEMA publications about earthquake protection

Documentaries – make notes on them!!

How the earth was made Mt St Helens

How the Earth was made Vesuvius

How the earth was made Ring of Fire

How earth was made Everest

10 things you did not know about earthquakes – Prof Iain Stewart

San Andreas Fault

National Geographic Kobe earthquake 

National Geographic Japan tsunami

National Geographic Nepal earthquake 2015

Anatomy of an earthquake Prof Iain Stewart

BBC Volcano Live- Iceland erupts in 2010 (2012)

BBC Volcano Live 1 (2012) – mainly Hawaii in the next 4

BBC Volcano Live 2 (2012)

BBC Volcano Live 3 (2012)

BBC Volcano Live 4 (2012)

Prof Iain Stewart – The power of the planet volcanoes 1

BBC Horizon Why we cant predict earthquakes

The Wave that shook the world (2004 Indian Ocean tsunami)



2.  The World of Cultural Diversity

• Philip Allan Textbook – Chapter
• A2 Geography for Edexcel – Oxford – Chapter

These are also available in my room (and they must be used):

•Edexcel A2 Geography – Pearson – Chapters

•Student Unit 4 Guide – Chapters on

Useful Geofiles for research:

The challenge of globalisation – positives and negatives

Globalisation – Indian call centres

Globalisation of food


Refugees – including the Kurds

Separatist issues: The Kurds 

Immigration to the UK is it a good thing?

Rural areas – Tourism in Maccu Pichu, Peru

Useful websites for research:

Enquiry Q1 – Defining culture and its value

Raymond William’s definition of culture

Department for culture, media and sport, UK government

Culture – A Geographical perspective (lots of info)

Cultures of different countries (useful)

Geography of world cultures – (download free podcasts from i tunes)

Wikipedia – what is culture?

Cultural diversity articles

What is culture? game


UNESCO and cultural landscapes (many examples)

Cultural diversity UNESCO (clip)

Cultural landscapes

Historic cultural landscapes

Ethnographic cultural landscapes

Cultural landscapes

Links for statistics on culture

Around the world in 80 faiths 1 (BBC documentary) Australia and Pacific – they are not just about religion but culture (great!!!!)

Around the world in 80 faiths 2 (BBC documentary) Far East

Around the world in 80 faiths 3 (BBC documentary) Africa

Around the world in 80 faiths 4 (BBC documentary) Middle East

Around the world in 80 faiths 5 (BBC documentary) USA

Around the world in 80 faiths 6 (BBC documentary) India

Around the world in 80 faiths 7 (BBC documentary) Latin America

Around the world in 80 faiths 8 (BBC documentary) Europe

The link between culture and health 

Cities that value culture – Belfast, Liverpool. Glasgow

Hull – the cultural city of UK 2017

Dorset cultural strategy

Making great cities – look at links too

Enquiry Q2 – The Geography of Culture

Cultural diversity in cities

Bombay/Mumbai and cultures

Wikipedia Bombay?Mumbai culture

Mumbai – Guardian news

History of Mumbai

Culture of Greece

Belgium – divided by language (clip)

Culture of Japan

Japanese homogeneity?

Essay on Japanese culture 

National Geographic -Cultural difference (this will amaze you!) clip

Enquiry Q3 – The impact of Globalisation on cultural diversity

The Globalisation website (lots of info)

Globalisation and cultural diversity

Globalisation and communication


Jihad v McWorld

Viacom , their ownership and recently in the news


AOL Time Warner, and in the news


Domino’s Pizza bans pork

History of curry in the UK

Technology and the Hajj


Guardian Is multiculturalism failing in the UK and Germany? (clip)

Has multiculturalism failed in Germany? (clip)

Is multiculturalism failing in Europe? (Al Jazeera)  (clip)

Enquiry Q4 – Cultural attitudes to the environment

A brief history of the modern green movement in the USA

Attitudes to the environment across cultures

Attitudes towards the environment in Canada

Culture drives attitude about climate

Haida Gwaii or Queen Charlotte Islands?

Introduction to the islands

Council of Haida website

History of the area

Simon Fraser university Haida Cultural values

Timeline of environmental impacts in Haida area

Aboriginal Canada

Life in the Arctic

Artic articles

Changes in the Arctic that people are having to deal with

Threats to communities with Global warming in Alaska


Effects of ‘white men’ on Alaska

Alaska natives

Whaling, Greenpeace and natives

Seal hunting and natives and NGOs

Seal hunting

Indigenous Australia

Facts on aboriginals

Multicultural Australia

Aboriginal culture

Threats to aboriginal land

Aboriginal health

Loss of aboriginal native languages

Aboriginal Australia  – Survival International 

Cultural tourism

BBC – Australian Government apologises to aboriginals  – look at the other articles around there too

John Pilger’s view on life for aboriginals

Support for the future

The men of the fifth world – Australian Aboriginals (documentary)


Globalising France

French World Heritage Sites UNESCO

French people against globalisation

French film quotas anRenaultd cultural protectionism

Rules on TV quotas – including France

French dislike of Disneyland

McDonalds in France

How globalised is France?

French Empire

French speaking countries

Immigration from N Africa

French secularism

What went wrong with multiculturalism in France?

Multiculturalism in France (clip)


What can the world learn from Canada’s multiculturalism?


Britain’s UNESCO World Heritage sites

Leicester – how it became a model of multiculturalism

Marrakech, Morocco  – a post colonial city


Medina – World Heritage Site

Cultural heritage management

Marrakesh history


Heritage preservation in Marrakesh


25 responses to “Edexcel A Level Unit 4 – Geographical Research

  1. Patty

    Is anyone doing this years ‘The World of Cultural Diversity’ module for the unit 4 exam?

    • Yes – I have one pupil in my class who has chosen to do Cultural Diversity

      • Patty

        If the student is willing, can you please give him/ her my email address so we can discuss the pre release please?
        Also, what advice would you give on how to structure the report, especially in regards with the methodology.
        Thank you 🙂

  2. Comfort

    Do you know anyone doing Rural Landscapes? I’m really stuck.

  3. Hi, could you direct me to anyone/ any sources on the ‘life on the margins’ food supply topic?

  4. Ted

    Is anyone doing Pollution and human health risk

  5. Philip Truman


    How can I access the unit 4 pre-release information? I need to find out the explore and research sub-titles to identify potential questions?


  6. Nicole

    if you had to guess what do you think the question for tectonic activity is going to be about.

  7. Isobel

    I’m doing pollution and human health risk this year, is anyone else?

  8. j

    This is really useful! do you have any website links for the pre release this year regarding tectonic landscapes

  9. jm

    do recommend any books on tectonic landscapes?

  10. sabs

    Anyone doing health and pollution

  11. Liam

    Massive thanks for the blog, been great help this year and last year. Do you have any possible questions for cultural diversity and case studies to use?

  12. Niamh Walker

    anyone have any materials or useful links for pollution and human health risk?

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