Edexcel AS Unit 1 – World at risk

Edexcel syllabus



Useful links for further reading/watching:

A) Global hazards

Powerpoints from class:

a World at Risk 1


Munich Re (you need to register …it’s free)

Guardian – Natural hazards and extreme weather SUPERB

Recent earthquakes in Greece

Interactive – Why earthquakes happen

Earthquake destruction

The 2004 Tsunami

10 most active volcanoes clip

Maurice and Katia Kraft clip

Hurricanes 101 clip

How hurricanes are named clip

Hurricanes and meteorologists clip

How to survive a hurricane clip

10 things you didnt know about earthquakes documentary

10 things you did not know about avalanches documentary

B) Global hazard trends

Powerpoints from class:

a World at risk 2

b World at risk 3


Trends in hazards

2011 Trends in hazards – UNISDR

UNISDR hazard news archive

CRED Disasters in the news (excellent)

CRED EM DAT Natural Disaster trends

CRED EM DAT Natural Disaster country profile

CRED EM DAT Disaster type maps

China Post Disaster costs for 2011

Richer nations hits by disasters in 2011

2011 costliest year for catastrophes

Top 10 global weather events of 2011

World mapper disasters

Natural Hazards – Lancaster University

Geofile El Nino

Geofile El Nino and La Nina

El Nina and la nina short revision notes

C) Global hazard patterns

Powerpoints from class:

a World at risk 4

b World at risk 5


Pacific Ring of Fire

Mega volcano can be predicted

Philippines geofile

Eruption of Pintatubo, Philippines

D) Climate change and its causes

Powerpoints from class:

a World at risk 6

b World at risk 7

c World at risk 8



Global temperatures

The world’s temperatures have always changed – what’s different now?

Are humans definitely causing climate change?

Guardian climate change – excellent

Evidence for Climate Change online lesson video

Examine the evidence used to investigate climate change  online lesson video

Causes of climate change online lesson video

E) The impact of global warming

Powerpoints from class:

a World at risk 9

b World at risk 10

c World at risk 11

d Edexcel climate update


Does a small temperature change matter?

Permafrost in the North

Methane and permafrost – in pictures

Melting arctic ice and cold European winters

Sea level rise and coral reefs

Sea level and the Maldives


Maldives and rising sea level

Global warming, coral reefs and ocean currents

National Geographic – Global warming and coral reefs

Prof Goudie Global warming

BBC Earth under water (sea level rise) documentary

F) Coping with climate change

Powerpoints from class:

a World at risk 12

b World at risk 13


The Kyoto Protocol

Copenhagen Climate Change Conference 2009

Artificial trees

Mitigation wedges – Princeton University

Chevron energyville game

G) The challenge of global hazards for the future

Powerpoints from class:

aWorld at risk 14

b World at risk 15

c World at risk 16


Targets for solving climate change

Greece Green energy

H) Revision for World at Risk topic

Powerpoints from class:

a Revision 1

b Revision 2

c Revision 3



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