Edexcel AS Unit 1-Going global

Edexcel syllabus

All Unit 1 Going Global Past Essay Questions – Globalisation and Migration


Useful links for further reading/watching:

1. Globalisation

Powerpoints from class:

a)Powerpoint 1 Going global

b)Powerpoint 2 – Globalisation, Population Change and Migration

Extra reading:

Globalisation 101 website

Globalisation of food and plants – Yale university

BBC – What is globalisation (clip)

Noam Chomsky – What is globalisation (clip)

Globalisation – whay does it mean? (clip)

Obama on globalisation (clip)

BBC Panorama Inside North Korea (documentary)

2. Global groupings

Powerpoints from class:

a)Powerpoint 3 Global groupings

b)Powerpoint 4 – Transnational Corporations

Extra reading:

Geofile TNCs

Geofile Global Manufacturing

Geogfile The Global shift

Geofile NAFTA

Google and China

McDonalds local and global strategy clip

TNCS : Inside McDonalds documentary

3. Global networks

Powerpoints from class:

a)Powerpoint 5 – Global Networks

Extra reading:

4. Roots

Powerpoints from class:

a)Powerpoint 6 – Roots

Extra reading:

Population change in the UK online lesson video

Challenges of an ageing population online lesson video

5. On the move

Powerpoints from class:

a)Powerpoint 7 – Current Trends in Migration

b)Powerpoint 8 – Compulsory Migration Case Studies

c)Edexcel Chief examiner migration-update

Extra reading:

Geofile Migration from Poland to the UK

Little England (clip) Part 1

Little England (clip) Part 2

BBC World debate on Immigration into Europe (in Athens) video

6. World cities

Powerpoints from class:

Powerpoint 9 – World Cities

Extra reading:

The world’s biggest cities – how do we measure them?

Geofile Rio city

Megacities documentary – living in the city

Megacities documentary  – Mumbai 

Megacities documentary – Living on the edge

Welcome to India Documentary 1 (super)

Welcome to India Documentary 2 (super)

Welcome to India Documentary 3 (super)

Slumming it…Dharavi documentary (the best)

7. Global challenges for the future

Powerpoints from class:

Powerpoint 10 – Global Challenges for the Future

Powerpoint 11 – Environmental and ethical purchasing

Extra reading:

Free trade and protectionism 30 minute documentary (nice summary)

UK Carbon Neutral Company – especially the videos

Geofile Fair trade

Human Slavery – The No Project

SoleRebels – Fair trade

UK Fairtrade Foundation

Ethical Trade Initiative 

Fair trade short clip



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  1. fantastic information though the use of applying a range of sources

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  3. hm

    im retaking and i really need some help so if some one is there please reply thanks 🙂

    • You should do as many past paper questions as possible to prepare. Make sure you know your case studies too! I have them summarised as bullet points on the blog so they are easier to learn. Good luck!

      • hm

        Thanks for your reply,

        also how would you suggest me learning the content and how should i make notes

        finally what book would you strongly recommend.

        thanks for your help (btw this blog is amazing may god reward you :))

      • I like the Oxford AS book with the fish on the front of it and also the Philip Allan book too. If you want everything in brief there is a CPG Edexcel revision book for last minute revision too! This may be useful if you are doing the exam for a second time. Thank you for your nice words – good luck!

  4. Rhi

    Wow, this information is really useful! Thank you! 🙂

  5. i love this blog, everything is fantastic! Much appreciated

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    Brilliant Blog!! Very useful and brilliantly laid out!! You are a life saver!

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    Excellent case study notes, really useful, top notch!

  8. Jason P.

    Really good revision tool. Has really helped me throughout the year and the notes on Unit 2’s Case Studies have allowed me to have a greater knowledge in my papers. The only way is up from here. Good luck everyone.

  9. Great news…..keep it up for Friday!

  10. Aidan

    Hi, this revision seems great!
    My exam isn’t for a few months but I am just wondering how I should get ahead to make sure I am fully prepared for this exam!?

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