Edexcel AS Unit 2 – Crowded coasts

Edexcel syllabus

Coasts Key Word Glossary

All Unit 2 Coasts Past Questions

Coastal fieldwork and research questions – to be filled in for past paper experience


Useful links for further reading/watching:

. Competition for coasts

powerpoints from class:

a crowded coasts 1

b crowded coasts 2



High Value Coastal Environment mangrove

Mangroves clip

Coral reefs

High Value Coastal Environment coral

Coral reef clip

Geofile Salt marshes

High Value Coastal Environment saltmarsh

Salt marsh clip

Geofile Importance of wetlands

Geofile Sand dunes

Geofile Sand dunes 2

Sand dunes clip 1 and Sand dunes clip 2

2. Coping with pressure

powerpoints from class:

a crowded coasts 3

b crowded coasts 4

c crowded coasts 5

d crowded coasts 6


Southampton water and Dibden bay

Coasts and conflict

3. Increasing risks

powerpoints from class:

a crowded coasts 7

b crowded coasts 8

c crowded coasts 9


Erosion on the Holderness coast

Holderness Coast (detailed)

Holbeck Hall Hotel erosional landslide 1993

Geofile Asian Tsunami 2004

Sea level in Greece

4. Coastal management

powerpoints from class:

a crowded coasts 10

b crowded coasts 11


Geofile Coastal Management (techniques)

Geofile Coastal Management 2 (at Selsy)

Geofile Coastal management of the Holderness coast

Geofile Management of Fisheries

Humans and the use of coasts: sustainable? Dr P French RHUL

Hard and Soft Engineering Approaches to Coastal Management (worksheet)



Pedestrian count (worksheet)

Traffic count (worksheet)

Land use map key (worksheet)


Sand Dune BiPOLAR (worksheet)

Sand dune conflict matrix (worksheet)

Sand dune visitor activity survey (worksheet)

Path Survey (worksheet)

Car Park Vehicle Survey for Sand Dunes (worksheet)

Evidence of sand dune stabilization (worksheet)


Medasset Turtle Conservation 2009

Archelon Turtle Conservation 2011

Tourists and turtles in Zakynthos

LIFE_ENV Turtle report

Sea turtle nesting and tourists in Zakynthos


Bi Polar Evaluation of coastal defences (worksheet)

Coastal erosion and management in the Mediterranean

Coastal legislation in Greece

Greek coastal management

The use of cement geotextile groynes in Greece


20 responses to “Edexcel AS Unit 2 – Crowded coasts

  1. Richard

    Hi, great resources. Thanks from a fellow geography teacher.

    There is this geofile on mangroves that would add nicely to the ones above. Good work! http://www.geographylwc.org.uk/A/AS/coasts/GF544.pdf

  2. JustWantToPass

    Hi, I was just wondering would you do any model answers to exam questions?

  3. Jess

    Thanks so much for this! It had helped me greatly with AS revision!

  4. H_m007

    have you got any for re-branding places?

    • I am only teaching the Unequal Spaces topic at my school so I am sorry I do not have any rebranding work at the moment……who knows in the future! Good luck with your exams 🙂

  5. Rebecca

    This is so so so useful! Thanks a million for this 🙂 Saved my geography AS

  6. Thank you! Extremely helpful! by any chance is there Rebranding Places/ any useful links?

  7. Rachel

    Thank you – your site is hugely helpful. The effort you clearly put in shines through!

  8. TFGeo

    Thank you so very much! The thought of writing all these lessons from scratch was horrifying so it has been a really helpful starting point!

  9. Louise

    Thank you has helped greatly with revision!

  10. laura

    This website is amazing, thanks for sharing your resources. Where do you go in Zakynthos for your fieldwork? we are thinking of changing ours.


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