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L6 – Reading before Zakynthos trip on Friday

Please find the time to read these articles before we head off to Zakynthos later in the week:

Medasset Turtle Conservation 2009

Archelon Turtle Conservation 2011

Tourists and turtles in Zakynthos

LIFE_ENV Turtle report

Sea turtle nesting and tourists in Zakynthos


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L6th Work due next Tuesday

1.  Watch the Wave that shook the world and write notes.

2.  Fill in the table of the coastal defences  – how they work, their strengths and weaknesses (from Crowded Coast powerpoint 10 on the blog)


Using examples, explain why managing coastal environment increasing relies on a spectrum of approaches from do nothing to hard engineering (10 marks) DETAIL EXPECTED PLEASE!

You should be working on this in the double lesson on Friday when I will be on IA!

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L6 and U6 – New tidal power project to go ahead in Scotland

Work is to begin on the largest tidal turbine energy project in Europe after the Scottish government approved it.

MeyGen is to install the tidal array in stages in the Pentland Firth, between Orkney and the Scottish mainland.

It will begin with a 9MW demonstration project of up to six turbines, with construction expected to take place on a phased basis until 2020.

When fully operational, the 86MW array could generate enough electricity to power the equivalent of 42,000 homes.

That is the equivalent of 40% of homes in the Highlands, the Scottish government said.

Find out more here:


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Fieldwork for Unit 2 exam?

This last week in school I want you to concentrate on producing your own revision summary notes on our fieldwork:

Both methods and results/conclusions for:


Changes over time in landuse on a crowded coast in Zakynthos town

Coastal erosion risks in Argassi (we did not do flooding as we just have to do either flooding or erosion)

Coastal management/protection in Varkiza

Pressure on the environment in the Marine Park and Sand dunes

Unequal spaces
Inequality in urban areas
Schemes to reduce inequalities in urban areas
Inequality in rural areas
Schemes to reduce in equalities in rural areas

These are all of them!!!

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BBC Sea level rise

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The 1953 storm happened 60 years ago today!!!

Have a look at this clip….

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National Geographic – Superstorm Sandy

This is essential viewing…..

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